Playing conditions effective




until further notice


You must ensure that you follow these conditions at all times for the safety of

yourself and others.

We hope to be able to relax some of the conditions in the coming weeks and in doing so welcome more of our members back to the green but we will only do so when we feel it is safe.


If you are able to play under the these restrictions please do so responsibly and help to keep everybody safe.




  • The only people allowed to attend the green are those playing and those who have been given permission by the Chairman.


  • Spectators are not allowed.


  • Bowlers must book a time to play – see 'Bowling Conditions' set out below.


  • The clubhouse and toilets cannot be used.


  • Social distancing (2m) between members of different households must be strictly maintained.


  • The wearing of face coverings is optional but recommended.


  • Please bring your own hand sanitiser and towels as hand washing facilities will not be available.


  • Please bring your own drinks if required.


  • Avoid touching your face at all times.


  • Clean your hands after touching the gates, locks and seats.


  • Do not offer or accept lifts to the green. Only travel with members of your own household.


  • Do not pass anybody on the footpath approaching the club. Wait until it is clear before proceeding.


  • Do not attend if you have any of the symptoms of Covid-19 or have been in close contact with members of a different household.




  • Bowling sessions must be booked in advance by calling


    David Russell Jones on 859065.


    If there is no answer leave a message and he will return your call.


  • When booking a session you will be required to give the names of those participating in your group and the time you wish to play.

    Bowling sessions will last for 1 hour starting on the hour.


  • Do not turn up at the green unless you have booked a session in advance.


  • The green will be available from 2pm until 8pm every day – please note that the greenkeeper may be carrying out maintenance between 6pm and 8pm. Do not play on any part of the green on which he is working.


  • Only Full members will be allowed to play.


  • Up to 4 games may be played at any one time. Maximum 4 players per game

  • Maximum 8 players on the green at any one time

             e.g. 2 pairs games, 1 pairs game and 2 singles games or 4 singles games

  • Bowlers must use their own mats, jacks and bowls. Club equipment must not be used.

     No measuring allowed.

  • If players from different households are playing together and are using only one jack, it must be handled and set every end by the owner/owners of the jack.

    Similarly, if only one mat is used, it must be handled only by the owner/owners.

  • Do not shake hands or have any physical contact with other players.


  • If there is nobody else at the green when you leave please ensure that you lock the gates.